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Inktober | 2017/10/24 | BLIND

Due to a sad family event, for the past couple of weeks, my Inktober art has been too personal to display. Maybe this one is too, but... I felt like sharing a glimpse of my search through white space of silence where sadness sits a little too tight.

Blind. What a challenging prompt for an artist who is used to the world of visuals. I gave it a bit of thought. Should I go with metaphorical blindness? The non-meeting of people, perhaps? Foolishness, arrogance, any number of things that may cause a person to not see, figuratively speaking.

But in the end, I found myself thinking about a more literal interpretation, about a world without vision. What is it like? I tend to imagine not endless darkness but a world made up of shapes. Like holding the world upon your fingertips, touching it all around you, and in your hands, maybe the whole world?

#24 - BLIND

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