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The Sky, a Book, and a Journey

For the past week or so, Helsinki city has been all abuzz with the 75th World Science Fiction Convention. The sky itself honoured the event. On the opening day, there was a round hole in the clouds that just about makes one think that some con-goers from out of town -- or perhaps from another planet -- had forgotten their stealth drive on "clear skies". And as the event closed during the weekend, a thunderstorm raged through the city, as if it didn't want the convention to end. All very appropriate.

I was privately amused because the sky happens to play a significant part thematically in a sci-fi story of mine that happened to get officially launched during the convention. In my story, the sky has become a mere myth, and the desire to see the sky is an important motivation for the main character, Bitty. So, it seemed appropriate to begin this post with a quote from the said story.
"The trick is to keep moving, Bitty," she said. "Don't stop, Bitty dear.…

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